Strategic Research and Program Management

What We Have to Offer

We offer strategic research and program management services to government, industry, and non-profit clients – and businesses of all sizes.


Our expert project leaders and program managers know that organizational initiatives thrive with strategic communication. We foster communication capacity and messaging though:

– Communication strategy

– Public affairs and marketing support

– Executive communication coaching

– Content management and information design solutions


The best plans start with the right questions. Our strategic planning and process analysis services are tailored to your top management challenges. We work directly with leadership teams to facilitate: 

– Strategic planning for organizational and program development

– Issue identification and benchmark assessment

– Process and user workflow analysis and communication coaching

– User-centered design assessment


The best executives know that organizational initiatives live and die with leadership. We work directly with leadership teams to facilitate creative solutions and united leadership philosophies. We offer:

– Executive communication coaching

– Executive skills assessment

– Leadership focus group and training sessions


Integrating best practices into an organization is tough work. Even the most thoughtful and carefully conceived plans may never get beyond the meeting room. We offer course development and training sessions with the end-user in mind: ​

– Instructional design and course development (ex: train-the-trainer sessions)

– Coaching and assessment of existing training programs

– Employee and user feedback and focus group sessions


Leveraging the power of real data is the best way to make informed decisions. Business processes, initiatives, and core missions are met when you have the right insights about customer, client, employee, and stakeholder perceptions and behaviors. We offer comprehensive research planning, analysis and reporting to make sense of the data you care most about:

– Research question, planning, and protocol design

– Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods analysis

– Market, scientific, and social science research

– Technical, academic, and industry results reporting

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