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About Us

 The Homefront Group

The Homefront Group (HFG) is a research-based consulting firm managed by military and veteran affiliated partners. We offer strategic business and program management services to government, industry, and non-profit clients. Our expert project leaders and program management consultants bring evidence-based solutions to top management challenges.

Our team of experts come from military, academic, and industry backgrounds. We understand the unique organizational and environmental considerations that come with government management, the industry bottom line, and putting theory into strategic practice to achieve meaningful, measurable results. 


We identify the main problems holding you back from success with a research-based approach.


We communicate with diverse users and stakeholders to understand all facets of an issue.


We design user-centered solutions that address your greatest needs.


We review project performance and set up sustainable problem-solving practices with iterative reflection.

Our Executive Team

Sarah Martin

Ph.D., MBA

Sarah is an expert social science researcher and user-centered design (UCD) project manager with diverse expertise in government and corporate communications, strategic analytics, and UX/UI/UCD research methods. She has lead and managed creative and technical teams within the Department of Defense and industry to plan research inquiries, evaluate existing processes, and implement actionable program changes. She is an experienced training and curriculum development leader in online and onsite learning environments, and has taught and facilitated industry and academic programs spanning from executive leadership and program evaluation to strategic communication and product and brand strategy

Kelsey Moore

Ph.D., MS

Kelsey is a versatile and results-driven senior consultant with years of experience helping clients improve organizational efficiency, culture, purpose, and reach. She has successfully led over 50 teams to design, deliver, and assess actionable program improvements. She has successfully developed industry virtual training programs, fostered campus climate initiatives for military and veteran students, and designed effective public health interventions to reduce violence and enhance reach for government-funded community programs. Her background as an award-winning researcher, professor, and coach ensures clients receive cutting-edge solutions that produce real, sustainable results.

Erin Thrasher


Erin is a Program Facilitator, Project Specialist, and Salesforce Certified Administrator who has worked across government, private sector, military, and non-profit organizations. Serving on cross-functional teams, Erin has aided scientists and engineers working on next generation national defense assets to find enhanced educational opportunities. She has coordinated academic programs within the Department of the Navy, and supported industry digital process development. As a Community Liaison for a Marine Corps Battalion, Erin has supported commands through combat deployments, and designed and facilitated training workshops to hundreds of military spouses at installations worldwide.

Love to Solve Hard Problems?

We are always looking for smart, motivated, creative thinkers to join our team. If you have an affinity for solving problems, using your brain, and consider yourself a good human being, contact us today. We offer a range of remote and on-site work in a variety of specialties:

  • Technical Writing & Editing
  • Marketing Communication
  • Content Management
  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Instructional Design
  • Process Analysis
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management

Leave us your information to get started.

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